David O'Brien on Gazza

Last updated : 27 January 2002 By David O'Brien
Beating a Third Division side shouldn't be a problem for any Premiership side.
It could be looked at as depressing to be celebrating after such a match. The
reality is different and to see Gazza playing gifted visionary football would
give any club cause for glee and sheer joy.

When WS signed Gazza he said he had hoped to use him as a sub to perhaps provide the odd good move/surging run/etc...

He has forced his way into the first team by doing more than this. The catylist is
undoubtedly his hope of playing on the world stage. The power behind the change of attitude lies in the his final opportunity to gain the adoration of England once more.

If Gazza was picked for England he would be thrilled and he could
probably go on playing for longer. If he did not get picked it could end his career, this would be a sad day for football.

It would take a strong Paul Gascoigne to get through another England rejection. Gazza has noticably grown stronger in the last few months and it would be another test of his character if Sven didn't call.

Whether or not he gets the 'call' is open to at least some debate, but if he can play in this vein consistently against Premiership opposition there is still a chance.

Gazza, we salute you.