Your Editor speaks his mind!

...and another thing!

...and another thing!

The club have come out - quite belatedly - and refuted the claims that they had failed to offer Dan Gosling a new contra
Poor Portsmouth?

Poor Portsmouth?

It looks like Portsmouth are going to be able to apply for next season's Europa League even though they've missed Europe
Having a laugh?

Having a laugh?

The Premier League are looking at introducing a play-off system to determine who takes the final Champions League place.
A problem shared?

A problem shared?

It appears that whilst not quite dead in the water, Destination Kirkby is flat on it's back and getting the water pumped
Pull together

Pull together

Sir Philip Carter's assertion that fans should be excited by Everton's summer transfer plans looks a little hollow now t
Audacity of Hughes

Audacity of Hughes

Mark Hughes, January 2009: "I don't talk about players at other clubs, but there are those that are quite prepared to do


Moyes has admitted that Everton are not readyfor the start of the season due to the number of players available. So do w
Vole in the goal

Vole in the goal

or Mountain out of a vole hill. In one of the more bizarre Everton related stories doing the rounds, Destination Kirkby

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I hate everything about you
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Sh*t ground, sh*t fans.
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Has my fire really gone out?
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Champions League? We're having a laugh…
- Everton Tue 8th April
By far the greatest team...
- Everton Mon 31st March
Here it comes
- Everton Tue 11th March
Ref Off!
- Everton Wed 6th February
Free of charge.
- Everton Tue 5th February
And the winner is...
- Everton Thu 27th September
Competition time....
- Everton Thu 20th September
Anyone fancy a trip to Ukraine...?
- Everton Mon 17th September
"We are the Scousers..." Chapter 2
- Everton Tue 21st August
Charity night
- Everton Mon 13th August
Please, think of our children
- Everton Mon 6th August
- Everton Wed 18th July
Deal or no deal?
- Everton Sun 6th May
Keep Everton In Our City
- Everton Thu 15th March
Neville bottles it!
- Everton Mon 5th March
What would Rocky do?
- Everton Mon 5th March
Fund Raiser
- Everton Wed 28th February
Shite Club!
- Everton Mon 19th February
Big Club, Little Club
- Everton Tue 6th February
"Got any spares mate?"
- Everton Mon 29th January
Dean Day
- Everton Mon 22nd January
That Ribena banner ad...
- Everton Tue 12th December
- Everton Tue 12th December
Legends Night
- Everton Tue 21st November
SIDS appeal
- Everton Fri 20th October
Legends night
- Everton Tue 26th September
Kuyt's kites
- Everton Wed 13th September
Hate Week!
- Everton Tue 5th September
The fat lad throws a fit!
- Everton Tue 25th July
…don't quote me on that…
- Everton Mon 10th July
9 from the number 9...part 9
- Everton Tue 23rd May
9 from the number 9...part 8
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9 from the number 9
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The final nail?
- Everton Tue 4th April
Live life then give life
- Everton Mon 27th March
Comment: The football police
- Everton Mon 29th November
Your Editor Needs You!
- Everton Thu 12th February
Editorial: Kilbane the signing of the season?
- Everton Tue 23rd December
Safeway and Iceland for me
- Everton Mon 14th October
Editorial: Thoughts from the front.
- Everton Mon 30th September