Big Club, Little Club

Last updated : 06 February 2007 By Les Roberts

Because if the fact that they have not been able to beat us this season was getting his back up that much, imagine how the rest of them were feeling?

And, in coming out with such a petty, bitchy, remark, it proved what we've long suspected about Benitez – that he is about as gracious as the fans that surround him!

And that's not even in defeat! It's anyone's guess what he would have been spouting had Johnson tucked his second-half chance away!

The funny thing about it all though was the way the media, Sky Sports in particular, were trying to make headline news out of it, as though he'd started some civil war within the city boundaries.

And their conclusion on what makes a big club was even more hilarious as they suggested, with the game being all about money these days, that the big clubs were those that regularly qualify for the Champions League and therefore make the most money.

But then again, it's hard to amass any sort of history when the game of football is, in actual fact, only just 15 seasons old.

We could bang on about the trophies we've won, top flight games we've played etc. but that would just be preaching to the converted or, at worst, give them a chance to spout on about their respective successes.

And that is an argument that we cannot compete with simply because they have won more than us!

But when the 'five times in Istanbul' bollocks starts getting spouted remember that these are the fans that confuse success with history and pimp tragedy for atmosphere.

In the view of many people we may never be as big a team as them.

But then neither will we ever be as small minded!

Benitez and Riise had to provide the entertainment on the Kop now that Dr Fun had passed away!