Audacity of Hughes

Last updated : 15 August 2009 By Les Roberts
Is everyone tired of the mention of the Mark Hughes/Manchester Ciy/Joleon Lescott bizzarre love triangle that is taking up every one of Everton's column inches?

Their courting of Lescott has been triesome to say the least and the fact that not one representative of Man City has approached David Moyes is just staggering.

And even the Everton manager has reached breaking point as branded City's overtures as "disgusting".

The Everton manager was clearly incensed as he railed against both Mark Hughes and Garry Cook, Man City's football administrator.

Moyes said: "The way it has been handled is disgusting and all it has done is disrupted our club and made it very difficult for us. It has undoubtedly clouded the start of our season."

And though Moyes also suggested that City may be going about their business in this manner to unsettle Everton on the eve of the new season, the Everton manger didn't lose it al la Keegan and Benitez.

He's clearly just as pissed off as everyone with the whole saga.

And, contrary to Hughes' proclamations that City are still in talks with the 'decision makers' at Everton, Moyes has stated that no contact has been made with him personally and he's the man that makes the decisions at Everton.

It's easy to see how unsettling it is though as City, knowing that Everton have no money and they have a lot, have gone in over the managers head to try and tempt Everton's money men.

The ideal scenario for City would be that they get Lescott over Moyes' head, Moyes would then leave and their main European rival would effectivelty be out of the equation.

It sounds absurd but it is completely plausible.

The last word has to go to Mark Hughes: "I could have lifted the phone and asked David if he would sell his centre-half and he would have said no. So where do you go from that point?"

You try elsewhere you gobshite!