The final nail?

Last updated : 04 April 2006 By Stu Lea
After another poor performance in the weekend's game against Sunderland the goalkeeper crisis at Everton became all too relevant. With Nige out for the remainder of the season, and Dickey looking as comfortable as someone with piles sitting on a cold step, the question is who should be between the sticks for the rest of the season? Not to mention next season?

With just six games to go this season and only a slim choice of Europe (I'm as optimistic as the next bloke but, lets be real, its gonna be via the Inter Two-bob if at all) I think its time to give Turner a go. I know he's young and made a schoolboy error against Blackburn but can he really do any worse than Dickey?

The other advantage of this is that it will give Moyesy a better idea as to whether he can really become our future number one. And, if it turns out that he's not quite ready yet, we can always send him out on loan next season to give him some more experience as he is only 22.

But this would still leave a goalkeeping void for next season. Nige is now 40 and that, coupled with this injury he's got, means it's doubtful that we'll get another season of top class goalkeeping out of him.

So, if this is the case, who can we turn to? Robert Green's name has been bandied about a lot but I don't think he is the answer. He may be only 26 and I know he's in the national squad but he's got ‘the next Richard Wright' written all over him! And anyway, Newcastle will probably just out bid us like they always do (do they actually have their own scouts or just use ours?)

I think the answer lies across the park and, as much as it pains me to say it, Dudek would be a great move for us to make. He basically won them that cup last summer and only lost his place because he's not in possession of a Spanish passport. Also, if you look at the previous players we've had that have played for that lot (most notably, Beardsley, Ablett and the Don) they didn't do too badly for us.