What would Rocky do?

Last updated : 05 March 2007 By Anon
In Sylvester Stallone's new Rocky film, the veteran fighter with a proud history is backed into a corner by relative newcomer Mason Dixon.

Dixon is the new favourite with everyone - the media, the armchair fight-fans, the whole lot. But what does Rocky do? Does he walk away, does he run off to the next town to hide? Does he hell!

He stands and fights.

Sly, or Rocky as we chanted to him, has become Everton's newest fan, and there are a group of Blues who are following his example and fighting back against what they believe to be wrong, and starting the battle to "Say no to Kirkby"

Although this hasn't been adopted as an official title for the group, it sums up what their objective is : to keep Everton within the city limits of Liverpool, and stand up to the new contenders with relatively little in the way of well-grounded history from across the park. Our latest nickname is 'KFC' believe it or not.

To this end, an open meeting has been called for Saturday 10th of March at 12 noon (don't worry, it's FA Cup weekend, so we don't have a game) at The Casa Hotel on Hope Street (opposite the Philharmonic Pub) to explore alternatives to moving away from our heritage.

Council members and local MPs have been invited, and the invitation extends to any Evertonian who wants to keep the club within the city limits. Everyone is invited to come along and put forward their input and for ideas to be discussed.

So, if you want to see the future of Everton safeguarded for your children and future generations, take heed from Rocky, and stand up and have your say - the vote promised to us at the AGM can't be far off now, let's find some real alternatives to moving out of our city.

"Our City, Our Club, Our Future"