Lend's some dough

Last updated : 16 July 2009 By Les Roberts
In the metaphorical firing line were Bill Kenwright (club chairman), Robert Elstone (chief executive), David Moyes (gaffer), Sir Philip Carter (key grip), Robert Earl (boom operator) and Jon Woods (best boy).

At first glance, it appears that not much was gleaned from the meeting at all with the official site headlining such issues as 'Record Turnover' (means nothing) 'Investment needed' (no shit Sherlock) and 'Moyes: No players leaving' (Really? You sure about that?!).

Then the figures started being bandied about and it seems that the Blues should be on as sound a financial footing as they have been in a long time.

Season ticket sales are up 1,200 on this time last year - so God help us if we get to the FA Cup final again next year!

And speaking of the FA Cup, seamless stuff this, that also netted us £7 million that we didn't have this time last year!

Add to that the money gained from our fifth placed finish and things should be looking rosey in the Goodison garden.

But a closer look at the figures - don't worry, I don't have the mental capacity to go all Toffeeweb about it - backs up Moyes' assertion that investment is needed to progress and that it's unlikely that we'll make any record breaking signings this summer.

The landmark turnover was £79.7 million, up 5.3 per cent on this time last year and up 55 per cent on this time two years ago.

But it shows that turnover, essentially, counts for nought, when Robert Elstone caveats the whole thing with a warning that the debt at the club has 'risen quite substantially' and that Moyes' transfer fund will be restricted.

He also added: "Our debt is a big debt and a worrying debt, but it is manageabel because of our performance on the field and becasue we do well each year as a business, thanks to David. But it is too much debt that every year is going to be added to."

In short, we're broke!

Another issue that was brought up was the restrictions placed upon the club as a result of still being at Goodison Park.

I really do wish they'd change the record on this one and start talking the place up a little, play on the history of the Grand Old Lady.

It's no secret that we want to move, the club have their mandate to move, so let's make the best of the place while we're still there!

On the whole though, it appears that talk of the promised land at Kirkby - and there's a phrase you won't hear often - was thin on the ground.

Look like Destination Kirkby's going well then?!