Here it comes

Last updated : 11 March 2008 By Les Roberts
Which goes without saying really and, once again, everyone is talking up the
'Goodison roar' that will inspire the Blues and cause the Italians to have a
minor coronary.

But, the last time the crowd were called upon to 'roar the lads to victory',
in some pre-war sounding rallying cry, I hate to say it but we choked!

The atmosphere wasn't what it should have been in the second leg of the
Carling Cup semi-final and it went completely flat once Joe Cole scored.

It was a massive body blow but there was still 20 minutes to play and, given
the way the Blues have played this season, two goals were not beyond us.

I just feel that everyone went into that game thoroughly deflated from the
last minute winner Chelsea scored in the first leg.

And, despite all the bravado, people are still talking of mountains to climb
and the potential is there for another damp night like the Carling Cup semi.

And this is something that we simply cannot afford.

The team have done us proud this season and we need to match their efforts
tomorrow night ­ remember it's on Wednesday this week and not Thursday!

So let's all get behind the team tomorrow night and make as much noise as

Let the singers do their singing and let's all get on our feet and make as
much noise as possible!

This is our most important game of the season ­ let's make it a memorable

Onward Evertonians...