...and another thing!

Last updated : 28 July 2010 By Les Roberts

Now I don't want to go over all of this again as it's been done to death - which sounds like something that would happen in some weird porno/snuff movie crossover - but the club have now issued a statement in an attempt to counter the claims that they hadn't offered Dan Gosling a new deal.

But the wording of the press release is such that it appears to be nothing more than a right to reply to an issue that they've kept tight-lipped over since the story broke.

No matter what the club says about a gentleman's agreement being in place, it's simply not good enough that the business of player contracts is run in this manner, particularly in a climate where the money involved is enough to make anyone consider selling their granny!

Dan Gosling will bare the brunt of fans anger - though by time he actually faces Everton most fans probably won't even be bothered any more - but I can't help feeling that he's been manoeuvred into this position by his agent.

Gosling is only 20-years-old, seemed happy at Everton and, by Moyes' own admission, had never made noises to the effect that he wanted to leave or be played in certain positions.

But, with a few words in his ear from his advisor to sit tight he may have done his career irreparable damage for a little more first team football and a massive bunce to his agent.

Or, he may flourish at his new club and never look back, we just don't know.

We've all commented and pontificated as to why and how he was allowed to leave in this manner and I found it odd that there was no official comments on the matter.

The press release that has subsequently been released seems to be a counter move to claims that the club stalled on a new deal to assess the seriousness of Gosling's knee injury but it in no way exonerates them from acting, at best, naively.

The bottom line is, the club have dropped a bollock and we should just be thankful that it was Dan Gosling and not someone like Jack Rodwell.