Is it coz I is black?

Last updated : 12 March 2009 By Les Roberts

The injured Everton striker was surrounded by police after he was caught on CCTV 'acting suspiciously' on King Street in Knutsford.

And it would appear, in the eyes of Cheshire police anyway, that 'acting suspiciously' translates as being a young black man window shopping in an upmarket part of Cheshire.

Officers leapt from the car and surrounded Anichebe and his friend and quizzed them in front of afternoon shoppers,

Anichebe's friend was subsequently handcuffed for 'not complying' the officers' requests but would anyone comply with officers under those humiliating circumstances?

Cheshire plod have not apologised to the striker - the arrogance of these people defies belief - but have come out with what they will consider an explanation.

A spokesperson for Cheshire Police issued the following statement: "We have been responding to a series of violent robberies targeting jewellers in Knutsford for some time."

"We have robust plans in place to respond swiftly to any report of any suspicious activity at jewellers' premises.

"One of the males initially did not comply with the officers' requests and was handcuffed. Both were subsequently spoken to by police and no further action was required."

No further action was required because window shopping isn't actually a crime!

And this latest faux pas from the fuzz comes just weeks after their Merseyside counterparts ordered Everton to reschedule the match against Stoke due to the BNP holding a rally on the same day.

The club concurred, albeit grudgingly, and then the BNP pulled the rug from under rozzers by postponing the rally on the grounds that they didn't want to be so arrogant as to think that their rally was more important than an Everton match.

And, like or loathe them, pulled a great publicity stunt in the process.

The thing I could never fathom out though was why Merseyside Police didn't feel they had enough resources to cover both events as this is, after all, what they are paid for!

Judging by this latest incident though it could be the case that they couldn't police the BNP rally because most of them were taking part in it!

Over and out!

Fuck tha police - released 21 years ago! yikes!