9 from the number 9...part 6

Last updated : 22 May 2006 By Les Roberts

There's a good chance that there's a picture of Dunc displayed in his porch window with the legend “I live here” written underneath. If there isn't, then there probably should be to deter any would-be housebreakers.

Two burglars made the mistake of breaking into his house in January 2001 and one spent three nights in hospital for his troubles. At the time, Police issued a statement saying that the unnamed householder had “suffered minor injuries to his head”. Given the big fella's previous form, if he had minor head injuries the bloke on the receiving end must have ended up looking like John Merrick!

Two years later, Ferguson had to restrain another burglar who he caught prowling around his living room.

After being gripped by the big fella, this beaut had the audacity to file an assault charge against Ferguson.

Thankfully, the charge was dismissed and Big Dunc's crime fighting capers could continue.