For the record

Last updated : 28 May 2009 By Les Roberts

The song's called "Tell me Ma" and it goes like this...

It's hardly 'Forever Everton', or even 'Here We Go' for that matter, and a disappointing follow up to 1995's collaboration with The Farm...don't know if you remember it, follow this link if you need reminding...

But Everton have missed a trick this year as I'm sure everyone would've been more than willing to spunk 79p on a version of 'Get on the Resin' perfromed by The Maybes? and Everton Football Club!

I can almost hear the entire squad muddling their way through the 'Why don't you lick it on down' refrain and everything...surely that would've become 'Why don't you kick it on down'!

If you've no idea who i'm talking about, check out The Maybes? Myspace site here...

And the club definitely looked a gift horse in the mouth when they didn't take Liz McLarnon up on her offer to 'drop everything' to write and perform Everton's FA Cup final song.

In addition to the club's official anthem, there's also been a number of unofficial offerings sprouting up everywhere...

First up, is one called (We're) all in Blue, performed, as far as I can see, by Sgt, Moysey and you can check that out here...

Another one I stumbled across on YouTube is this one called 'Blue and White'....

Then there's Gerry Culligan and the Bamboo Fringe with 'It's Everton'...

Unfortunately, it doesn't look like Chelsea are even going to bother to (dis)grace the airwaves this season, which is a shame, as I was quite looking forward to Ashley and Cheryl Cole doing some toe-curling crooning, dressed head-to-toe in some garish Moschino gear, diamantes everywhere, whilst Frank and John give it the Chas n' Daves on the ol' joanna!

And we'll have to keep the flag flying with the 'Forever Everton' ring tones, keep alive the memories of the 1985 Everton squad, resplendent in Le Coq trackies, singing 'Here We Go' on Wogan and hope we're partying like it's 1995 come Saturday night!

Wembley play-list...

The Story of the Blues, part 1 - The Mighty Wah!

I Guess That's Why They Call it the Blues - Elton John

Altogether Now - The Farm and Everton FC

Ballad of Dixie Dean - Jerry Markey

Get on the Resin - The Maybes

Sgt Major - Shack

Guiding Star - Cast

I Wish I Could Have Loved You More - Candi Payne

Sealclubbing - Half Man Half Biscuit

The New Stone Age - OMD

Riot Radio - The Dead 60's

Hooverville - The Christians

People Are Strange - Echo and the Bunnymen

Wishful Thinking - China Crisis

Hey Bulldog - The Beatles

I Ran - A Flock of Seagulls