Blue is the colour

Last updated : 28 April 2009 By Les Roberts

Bill Kenwright and Roman Abramovich went head to head in a game of Mallet's Mallet at Stamford Bridge last night to decide which team would wear blue for the final.

In a scene reminiscent of the Deerstalker, a tense contest was won after an 11 word rally when Ambramovich could muster no reply to Kenwright after he countered the Russian's shout of 'Shevchenko' with 'Shite'.

And, as has been mooted for some time now, the Blues may be sporting a Le Coq kit not entirely dissimilar to this one…and I can't quite make my up mind as to whether I like it or not!

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This isn't really new news, it was on Friday when I started this thing, so here's a bit of a round-up of the the latest FA Cup related news.

After it was announced that we were to be wearing Blue for the final, it was also announced that we'd be getting an allocation of 25,109 tickets for the final.

This is something that has raked up the old argument that club's do not get a big enough share of FA Cup Final tickets, and less than a third of the total capacity for each participating team is nothing short of an disgrace, but is there really any point in highlighting the issue?

It is a subject that is brought up every FA Cup Final, yet the FA see no need to change the way in which they allocate tickets to the 'Football Family' - a new phrase to try and somehow make all the freeloaders seem less like freeloaders, a bit like 'The Big Dig' was a phrase coined to make all those road works in Liverpool seem less like a pain in the arse…didn't work!

It's obvious that a great number of these tickets are going to be sold on at massively inflated prices but the FA are unmoved by this.

Which, twenty years on from Hillsborough, is staggering when you think that one of the main issues highlighted by the Taylor was the problem of ticket touting and the number of ticketless fans turning up to major sporting events on the off chance that they'll get a ticket outside the ground.

The footballing authorities were quick enough to force all-seater stadia upon us but have done nothing at all to stop the problem of ticket touting!

And it's doubtful that this is a situation that will ever change…

The club then dropped the bombshell of ticket allocation and, just when all of Everton's season ticket holders thought they were nailed-on for a ticket, it seems that many will miss out!

The criteria for ticket qualification is season ticket holders with three or more additional games to their credit and furthermore, season ticket holders that have subscribed to the home and away autocup ticket schemes.

If that means nothing to you it's explained, in similar terms, here…

up, roll up

If any tickets are left over then a ballot will be implemented for season ticket holders and half season ticket holders with the highest purchase history during 2008/09.

See you in some pub round Wembley Way then!