Shite Club!

Last updated : 19 February 2007 By Les Roberts
But, unlike the unsavoury Shields incident, the details surrounding this one
are quite hilarious as it seems to have blown up over a karaoke competition!

Apparently, Craig Bellamy started a slanging match with John Arne Riise
after the Norwegian refused to get up and sing Robbie Williams' dirge

The flame haired full-back's reticence got Bellamy's, already hunched, back
up and, after trading insults, the two nearly came to blows in the bar.

But, in true footballers fighting fashion, no digs were thrown and the two
were separated and returned to their respective rooms.

And then the story gets really interesting as Bellamy allegedly picked up a
golf club, footballers carry them everywhere, burst into Riise's room and
proceeded to belt him on the legs with it!

Unfortunately Rafael Bentiez turned up to separate the pair before the scene
became something like a cross between Caddyshack and The Untouchables.

Meanwhile, back at the bar, Robbie Fowler, Jermaine Pennant and Jerzy Dudek
all had to be calmed down by police after some post-meal drinks got a bit

Apparently, a glass was even broken!

The thing is, the whole incident could have been avoided had Bellamy just
asked Riise to sing Whigfield's Saturday Night instead!

What would Shanks have said eh?!