Safeway and Iceland for me

Last updated : 14 October 2002 By Sean Graham

This Weekend is another International weekend, oh no says David Moyes! and like me David Weir will be at home with the family instead of at work and I think both of us would have no complaints there !!!

David was critisised by his Manager for his performance against the Faroes and has says enough was enough "I no playing stuff you! " or words to that effect ! I don't think that the Manager should come out publicly and have a go at one or two players because in actual fact the whole team on the day was not good to put it mildly ! That would be like my manager singling me out for some unfairt reatment and me telling him where to stick his job! I could not do that as I don't get paid as much as David and I would not want my p45 as this would mean no job or no money!

That would mean no Barbies and no new outfit's for those two and no football for me!

People should keep their thoughts to themselves as the circumstances that follow may not be to pleasant! Now as Scotland are playing and I have a day off with Tracey and Catherine that will probably mean a trek round the shops before we see Colette, Jeff and the twins later on and dare I say it we may visit Iceland and Safeway on the way home ! (Sorry about that everyone I couldn't resist!)

The Scotland assistant coach Tommy Burns has stated that there could have been "other issues involved" behind David Weir's decision to quit the International scene, Burns said ,"I think there may be one or two personal issues there ". If it is for family reasons then I can understand David's decision to quit the Scottish International team ...for now anyway, it is a pressure being away from your family at the best of times but when you are a professional footballer it means that you are away more than most so something had to give and I am sure the Everton fans back David 100% in his decision.

Another decision that David Moyes and the rest of the Everton lads will be happy with is the news that both Li Tie and Li Wei Feng are both taking a year break from the International scene. This will keep the Blues boss happy as he does not want to lose too many of his stars during the season to International games meaningless or not!

Before I leave the International scene myself I would like to wish all Everton players all the best and I hope that you all return in good nick for our near sell-out match with Arsenal.

After all that International stuff it's now back to writing about our Premiership visit to the Theatre Of Dreams and what was nearly a dream result turned out to be a nightmare for David Weir and the rest of his team-mates. Any team that goes to Old Trafford and defends well for 85 mins is entitled to think we've got a point here but this team have not won titles and European Cups playing for 85 minutes United never know when they are beaten until that whistle is blown! Imagine Tommy saying to Andrew, "I just nip down for a cup of tea and a pie before our trip back, looks like we've got a point here!" What would Tommy's face be like if he came back 5 minutes later saying "what was all that cheering about?" have we won 2-1 perhaps or was it three cheers for the ref No United have just won 3--0 with two goals from Scholes and Van Nistelrooy scored a penalty ! No one would have believed it.

Sir Alex admitted that it was never a 3-0 and it was the best Everton team to come to Old Trafford for years,I could believe that ! David Moyes was still in shock but admitted that his team are getting better and he was disappointed not to win!

I do believe that! The team are going forward under David Moyes of that there is no doubt and if United at Old Trafford and Arsenal at Highbury are the only teams that Everton lose to all season I would be happy! I would like to see them win all their home matches and accept that there are some teams that Everton are not going to going to beat every team but I would like to think they could beat most of the teams in the Premiership if they want to be one of the Top clubs in England again!

Now did anyone down south see last Sunday's Old Firm match at Celtic Park? How many of you enjoyed the match? Are you looking forward to the next one?

Yes that was a typical Old Firm match, all the drama, excitement and
goals it really is like that every time these two play ! The only bad thing about last Sunday was the violence after the match, this is unnecessary and unacceptable and should be stamped out!

It takes away all the good from the match. The fact that the game
flowed all through the ninety minutes and good football was played by
both teams.

After seeing this match most of the teams in the English Premiership will say, would we fancy our chances against any of these two ?Indeed after the draw on Tuesday for the second round of the U.E.F.A. cup one such team will have their chance to take on one of Scotland's big two. The draw has thrown up a great tie, a Scotland v England clash no not Rob McLean v John Motson but Celtic v Blackburn Rovers, this looks like a cracker and hopefully both legs will be live for those of us not lucky enough to get a ticket!

Other Big news for Everton is that stories from Germany linking Everton's Danish star Thomas Gravesen with a move to Hamburg ! These stories have been shot down by Thomas' agent and former Man United star John Sivebaek who says, "Thomas has got a contract with Everton until 2005 and is very happy to be there and happy with the new manager!" Thank goodness for that!

Big Dunc news now's not good! Dunc will be out until for some
Time after having an operation on his troublesome back. I am sure everyone at Goodison wishes Duncan all the very best in his recovery and maybe he can mark his comeback with a goal against Liverpool in December !!!

Other Club News.

The date of the Blues AGM is October 31st
Everton have been drawn away in the Worthington Cup to Newcastle on November 6th 7.45 kick-off,so much for an easy draw and winning this competition lads!
Two fixtures have been moved to Sundays, v Leeds November 3rd, v Blackburn November 17th
The Reserves drew 1-1 with Leeds in front of 3,075
Ex-Everton Manager Walter Smith says he is ready to return to management after being sacked by Everton six month's ago.

He says that he is a far wiser manager now and he enjoyed his time at Everton and wished they could have had greater success.

Sunderland sacked their manager former Everton midfielder Peter Reid after a string of poor results including a 1-0 home defeat at the hands of Everton.

I am sure that every Evertonian wishes Peter all the best for the future. This Sunday I will be attending a Benefit match for a former Scotland, Celtic and West Ham player Frank "wheresthebirdz" McAvennie! Frank was a great striker both on and off the park and I am looking forward to this match and thanks to my Mum for the tickets!

Frank could still play for Scotland on Saturday v Iceland and get back for his Benefit match!! Maybe not!

Some Other News….
Berti's Boys have won at last! a 2-0 win over Iceland with the second goal from Everton's own Gary Naysmith and what a goal it was too ! A cracker of a goal, one touch on the turn then a right foot volley a belter! I am sure Gary will tell all his English team-mates all bout it in training this week,s ave one for the Arsenal Gary !