Moyes, media and mind games

Last updated : 16 April 2009 By Les Roberts

It was done as a protest against the BBC's skewed analysis of the 3-3 draw at Aston Villa when they highlighted Marouane Fellaini's 'dangerous' style of play yet failed to pick up on the amount of diving, yes diving not simulation, done by Ashley Young.

The post match analysis saw the Match of the Day team pick apart Fellaini's game and come up with the conclusion that he's all elbows and is going to seriously injure someone soon...what do you mean hopefully it'll be that fat little gobshite on Sunday?!

They then went on to highlight the delights of Ashley Young's game and how he gave Tony Hibbert such a torrid time that he had to be substituted.

Unfortunately, they failed to ackowledge the fact that, having got Hibbert booked, the annoying little get took a tumble as soon as he got anywhere near an Everton player and so, had he not been substituted, there was a good chance Hibbert could have been sent off.

It appears that Moyes felt that this unbalanced view of the game could somehow affect Mike Riley's perception of Fellaini on Sunday, which is exactly what neither Everton nor the player need, and so banned the BBC to highlight the point.

This is a tactic that is usually employed by the whinging gets at the top of the table, Alex Ferguson did a similar thing with Sky and fat arse across the park demands a written apology every time the ref blows for a foul against them, and not one that we'd really associate with Moyes.

But, I guess you could accuse us of being of one of those club at the top end of the table now as we're regularly at the business end of things these days, so 'when in Rome' and all that!

Just be thankful he didn't ask Steve Round if he had any ink in his printer so he could run off a few copies of 'Dodgy decisions Mike Riley has awarded to Man United over the years'...that would just make him look disturbed!