"Got any spares mate?"

Last updated : 29 January 2007 By Les Roberts
Everton have today announced that they, in partnership with viagogo, are to launch a ticket exchange facility.

This means that fans will be able to securely exchange tickets foir selected Premiership fixtures.

It's unclear whether or not this means that the club will select the Premiership fixtures you can swap tickets for or whether it is dictated by your own circumstances, for example, it's Blackburn at home and you're comfy on the couch!

And if it's a ticket exchange facility does this mean that, as long as another party is willing, you swap your ticket for, say, Charlton at home, for a bag of balloons?

viagogo will manage all aspects of the exchange from payment to delivery and so the whole thing should be a lot less fraught than the current system of swapping notes and vouchers with a complete stranger on the corner of Goodison Road.

You know the sketch, you rub the notes he's just given you between your fingers and hold them in the air, desperately checking they're not forgeries, and he frantically tries to remember how many games we've played at home to make sure you've given him right voucher.

And neither of you will be completely happy until you have either got rid of the notes in the pub or are safely in the ground.

It was much more fun before these new club card season tickets came in wasn't it?!