Kuyt's kites

Last updated : 13 September 2006 By Worzel Gummidge

After getting gubbed at Goodison on Saturday, Rafa was none too happy for sure.

So I say to him: "Hey boss, we took a real beating, for sure, but it's not all bad...at least you don't have too look at this in the mirror every morning".

"So when I'm feeling, how you say, in the dumps, I take a look at this lot. Cheers me up for sure!"

Note from the ed: OK, so it's a bit of tired old formula but it's always good for a laugh...and there's loads that Wurzel's missed so drop me a line if there's any other players kite's you'd like to see...

Tevez happy......................Tevez not happy!


The Ed de Goey porn star blow up doll was a top seller in Stoke.

Whilst we're in Stoke, here's Luke Chadwick.

He looks much better in blue...

...so did he!

ahhhhh, the seventies!

arrgghhh...the 80's!
Alright so he's the best in the world but jeez!

Oi, Parkinson! Are you a man or a mouse? No, seriously!

Chris Malkin, the original Peter Crouch!

"Er...to you...er, y'know...to me"

The Chuckle Brothers' reject is the daddy of them all!