David O'Brien on the Sunderland game

Last updated : 12 January 2002 By David O'Brien

A much-needed win has further boosted the club, and it's great to see Blomquist getting his first goal for Everton.

When we went into this match I felt not only that we had to win but also that we would win. A return of a couple of players added to the optimism I feel the club now has. If only there was a full squad of players to choose from.

It will now be a real test to see if we can maybe put together some sort of run! Maybe we'll win away from home, the next few matches will provide the answer.

Much has been made of the players support for the manager and apparently they have a togetherness that they have never had before under Walter Smith! Well excuse me but shouldn't they have felt like this from day one? Does it take a genius to point out that football is a team game?

I'm not criticising how the team members feel now, but this should have been pointed out to them a long time ago, you have to believe in your team mates and your manager. As I said last week we may have reached a point where we can progress, but why wait until crisis?

With cash being ‘made available' Smith can now aim to strengthen the squad.
Who will he bring in?
Can Gazza play as a floater behind the Rad?
Can we have a good F.A CUP run?

All these questions answered soon.

Anyway enough! We won, got three points and are…. urm looking better than the clubs below us.

Next up a trip to White Hart Lane! Yawn! Easy meat, lets hope that they play Rebred up front.