Cheers, Tears and Big Dunc

Last updated : 27 January 2003 By Sean Graham
The Five pounds that I spent last Sunday on the ppv match v Spurs was
nearly money well spent! What a match!

New signing Brian Mc Bride scores on his debut,but Spurs are Keane to
claim all three points and thanks to the Irish hitman they do and Robbie grabs a hatrick,what we would give to have Robbie in our team ! Not that our strikers are bad,they work their socks off for the club and we all appreciate the work that they do,but when you have a player who can get you goals from the slightest mistakes, and their was a few on Sunday !,then you really do have an ace in the back.

Unfortunately,our ace was suspended so maybe on another day he will be the one grabbing all the headlines for the right reasons!

The rumour mill has been going into overdrive since the transfer window opened in January, the latest names being linked with the club are Brazilian Kleberson, although David Moyes has said that the club did show an interest in the player but won't be pursuing it! Another name mentioned was Carlos Ruiz who is currently plying his trade in America. The 23 year old Guatemalan forward, scored 32 goals in his debut season in the US including the winner in the MLS Cup Final v New England in front of 62,000 fans.Maybe this could be one to look out for in the future ?Two young Falkirk players are to be given a week long trial with Everton, strikers Lee Miller and Colin Samuel. The young forwards will head to Goodison after the Brockville club's Scottish Cup Tie
with Hearts. It will be interesting to see if anything happens regarding these two, maybe in the future. Interesting to see reports of two players on their way out of their clubs, one a former favourite and one a fan of the club looking for a move to another Premiership club.The names Jeffers and Fowler may not be on David Moyes wanted list as yet but that does not stop people speculating about the possibilities of a return of one or the possibility of an ex-red idol dawning the shirt of their greatest rivals across the city!?

We shall wait with baited breathe to see if any of these stories are true or not! One player that seems to be on his way out of Everton is Alex Nyarko. Alex is on loan at PSG but is attracting attention from Marseille.PSG have made no formal offer for the player so when a decent offer comes in the club might except it.But for now it is a case of wait and see.......

Other Everton News

Ally McCoist-Reports suggesting that Super Ally would be coming to Everton as a coach for Wayne Rooney and the rest of the strikers have been shot down by David Moyes. Both Moysie and Ally appeared on a Question of Sport and Moysie asked Ally did he want to have a session at Bellefield with the strikers, Ally thought he meant a drinking session !! Ally will be popping in from time to time to help out, his sense of humour will have a great effect with the rest of the players. Best of luck to Ally in his "new" role!

Gazza-Former Everton and England superstar,Paul Gascoigne,has flown to China for what may be his new home. We all hope Gazza has a great time and everything works out for him.
Alec Cleland-Alec has been forced to retire at the age of 32 with a long standing calf injury. Alec was at Goodison 4 seasons making 44 appearences in an injury hit career. I would like to wish Alec all the best!

Duncan Ferguson-Big Dunc has been involved in another bust up with a burglar who claims that the big man, "Battered him black and blue !" Now since these claims Merseyside Police have confirmed that no further action will be taken against the Everton idol. Now far from me to condone violence, but if someone breaks into your home and you have a Wife and a small child upstairs, then I don't think the first thing on big Dunc's mind was,"he's only after an autograph ! " He would be more inclined to think,"He's here to steal my belongings and to use a line from a Tom Jones song, Just Help Yourself ! "No way that any man would do any different to what Big Dunc has done-to protect his home and family from intruders!! We would all do the same!

I have spoken to several Celtic fans who back the Big Man 110% in
his actions, and that is saying something! It was because of who he is that some of the Newspaper headlines were in my view out of order!

"Lifes and crimes of a player with a violent history ","Football hardman-Duncan Ferguson, known as Big Dunc assaults burglar" some of the trash written was unbeleiveable. Would these so called reporters offer any man who entered their home a cup of tea and help yourself to my video and computer,they are yours, here take them!!!! Double standards! Get off his back! The SFA let him down, the club he supported let him down and now the law thankfully have seen sense after this latest altercation has made the daily rags! I think Duncan was right to do what he did, I would do the same, so would any man to protect their family and property!!!!

Extra Good and bad news.......

On Friday night both Wayne Rooney and Tony Hibbert signed new deals with the club ! Everyone is glad to see great young talent stay at the club.

Yankie Doodle Dandy Brian McBride scored two goals on Saturday as the Blues came from a goal down to beat Sunderland 2-1 at Goodison, lets hope that this is the start of a good run.

One of our Chinamen has gone back home! Li Wei Feng has gone back
to China after a flustrating spell in England.We wish him all the very best and Thank him for his time at the club.

After his hat-trick v Manchester United in the reserves, Lion Osman has given David Moyes food for thought. The Blues boss said,"I would have no fear about putting him in the first team".This is good news for a player who has scored his first ever hat-trick for the club since returning from Carlisle. Ibrahim Said also played in the match and is looking forward to his first taste of the Premiership.
Paul Gerrard has admitted that he may have to leave Goodison to get first team football again.At the moment Richard Wright is the man in possession of the number one jersey and if he keeps up his current form then he will be hard to remove from that position.

I had a look at Falkirk player Colin Samuel during the match v Hearts in the Scottish Cup and anyone who was there or who saw the match will tell you he looks something special. David Moyes will get a closer look at him when he travels south for a trial next week,may be this young man can bring something special to Goodison to help us on our way in our fight for a European place, here’s hoping!

Just a wee mention for my Mum,it's her Birthday on Monday and she has not had the best starts to the weekend with some ned smashing her car window! As they say what goes around comes around !!! You'll get yours whoever you are !!!! If there is such a thing as Karma that is!

Happy Birthday Mum,have a night off and a drink,you deserve it !!! x