Sean Graham, back for 2004

Last updated : 21 January 2004 By Sean Graham
First of all may I wish you all a very happy New Year 2004,the rumours are untrue, I have not been asked to resign for reading Scally in Virgin, both my editor and I have been busy over the past few weeks and articles may not have made it in time for the webpage so we decided to leave it until now and in the club's time of near crisis that I have had to pen this latest article.

That and the fact that I had to get away from all those screaming women now that George Clooney has paid us a flying visit! In summing up, the club have played Arsenal, Fulham and Charlton over the past few matches and if I told you that the only point came against Arsenal would you think I was kidding? Everton have been creating chances but not taking them in the past few matches and now they find themselves in a very serious position, a position in fact that they are not unfamiliar with and the "R" word starts to be used in conversation again on Merseyside, from possible European qualification to possible Relegation candidates in one foul swoop, yes this can be a cruel game. The next two matches could make or break the club, another meeting with Fulham, this time In the FA Cup on Sunday without Old Trafford bound Louis Saha but this will still be A tricky tie, the only good thing is that it is at Goodison. Let's hope that helps!

We lost out to Fulham in the latest league match 2-1 but were unlucky so maybe this time we owe them, lets hope so!

After the Cup match we face Liverpool in the second Merseyside derby of the season at Anfield having lost the home match 3-0 in a forgettable match for the home side.

I think The long suffering Everton fans are owed some sort of result in that one. It would be just Typical of Liverpool to find form now just as they did when they came to Goodison. They Had no kind of form at all going into that match and they still managed to turn us over, I hope the same sort of thing happens again.

The reserves also lost 2-0 so we do owe them a beating at least sometime.....soon!

In season 1903-04 the club recorded a 5-2 win over their old rivals something along the same lines will do nicely thank-you!

With the club in desperate need of cash for new players, the shareholders association have called on Bill Kenwright to sanction a share issue worth around £15 Million that would be 15,000 shares at £1,000 each and the money would go towards helping David Moyes secure some new players in the transfer market as well as help with the wages for some of the players who could be offered new deals, twelve players contracts are up in the summer Of 2004,15 in 2005,4 in 2006 and 3 in 2007. Moysie needs help to build a decent squad To start challenging for the top honours again but we simply don't have the resources Or players to do that, something has to give. What would you rather happened, Moysie walks, Rooney walks or someone comes in and helps this club get back to it's former glories?

Other News Former Everton player Alex Cleland has left East Stirling to move to Firhill to become Youth Coach at Firhill, so best wishes to him. Congratulations to our Pop Idol Michelle not only content with winning the contest has Spent the past couple of weeks at the top slot, well done to her. Thanks to Andy for my new Everton scarf for my trip to Goodison on Good Friday along With my new home top-thanks to Mum, Dad, Tommy for my Christmas money, it is well spent! And thanks to Wilma for making my dreams come true...well I scored the winning goal In the FA Cup Final v Liverpool to help the club win 2-1 now that would be a dream, would it not!