Comment: Big Brother

Last updated : 09 January 2003 By Matty McGrath
Without wanting to step on any toes and not purposely setting out to stir the pot, the bellowing bull in a mild manner is going to take a very gentle swipe at the prodigy. As excited as the next over the gift this club has so divinely been granted, it is imperatively without doubt time to thoroughly start looking after Wayne’s well being. An alarming facet of young Roonaldos play of late is the amount of cards the youthful starlet has been picking up.

At first it was described as over enthusiasm, and then by others as juvenile exuberance. We have all heard how the club do not want the adolescent front man to loose his natural aggression. How could anyone possibly disagree? In a half of a shake placing the Birmingham send off to one side as an oversight, the young Duke has accumulated recently, what seems to be on average, a card a week. This ratio is not acceptable even for the hardest and most competitive professional footballers. In retrospect it has been the time of festive madness yet this surely does not excuse the Chosen ones bag full of seasonal greeting cards from premiership referees.

With a depleted squad currently scraping away, any extra weeks of unforced sideline time for the gifted striker are surely not in the interests of the club or in the benefit of the player’s development. So maybe its time Mr Moyes had a quite word in the ear of the Croxteth crusader, or even employed a Big Brother scenario where a senior squad member takes Wayne under his wing and mutters the truth about cats and dogs in a way sure to be understood. Wayne Rooney is far too special a talent to throw the book at. However in parallel it is also worth remembering that no one is too special a talent to be pulled into line. For the benefit of Everton football club, and the calling of Wayne Rooney it is imperative that some action is taken sooner rather than later, and the prodigy continues to flourish