All we own is the ground and the name.

Last updated : 17 April 2007 By Les Roberts
The article gives Ann's views, which are echoed by many Evertonians, on why we should stay in the city.

And whilst I would concur with the view that we should stay in the city, I'd actually take it further and say we should stay at Goodison, none of her views are really backed up.

The obvious example being Ann's assertion, and the title of the article, that: "All we own is the ground and it's name. If we move to Kirby we'll lose both."

Now, it's clear that we'll lose the ground but I don't quite see how we will lose the name.

It's hardly a move on the scale of Wimbledon's relocation to Milton Keynes!

But anyway, the article can be found...

here you can draw your own conclusions.