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Last updated : 19 June 2007 By KEIOC

A number of KEIOC members decided to take our campaign to Hope University campus in Everton.

The six candidates in the running for the Deputy Leadership contest of the Labour Party were in town. Our placards and banners were warmly received by the candidates and Labour Party members alike.

A number of our group had the opportunity to speak to the candidates who expressed their surprise at the disinterest from the Honourable member for the Walton Constituency and in his role in brokering an exit strategy for our great club from our great city.

Alan Johnson MP and Hazel Blears MP took time out from the hustings and both listened intently to KEIOC points of view.

Both conveyed support for our campaign and Johnson went to great lengths to inform us that members of his family are longstanding Evertonians.

Friday 8th May

Alfie Hincks, Secretary of KEIOC, took part in a meeting on Friday evening with the Kirkby Residents Action Group. Also in attendance was George Howarth, MP for Knowsley North and Sefton East.

George went to great lengths to explain his role to date and also his impartiality. He had a very uncomfortable evening and managed to evade answering most of the questions.

Alfie, on our behalf, asked him would he be willing to follow the line taken by the other local Labour MPs nd& the candidates for the Deputy Leadership contest, and to pledge his support to the Keep Everton in Our City group.

You may be surprised to learn that we received a negative response.

As a group we would urge all Evertonians who live within his constituency to attend his surgeries and articulate the argument.

Saturday 9th June

Kirkby-based members of KEIOC and the Kirkby Residents Action Group took part in a signature gathering exercise in Kirkby town centre.

The petition was a resounding success with the public showing a great deal of concern about a 55,000 all-seater stadium being built in their town centre.

The petition calls for:


That doesn't seem much to ask for, but both Everton Football club and Knowsley Borough Council seem to have differing views on HOW, WHO and WHEN.

Everton Football Club propose to ballot the fans but have no plans to enter a period of consultation with its fan base. Interesting! The plot begins to thicken.

Knowsley Council propose to have a consultation period for the residents but no plans for a ballot.

This would be the biggest single issue to effect the residents of Kirkby since Knowsley was formed in the 70s.

We advocate a level playing field with consultation exercises and ballots for both fans and residents alike.

The ball is formally in your court as far as Evertonians are concerned, Bill Kenwright.

How do you want to be remembered by future generations of Evertonians - as a John Houlding or as a George Mahon?

It really is your shout. Don't let us down.