Kirkby Council meeting.

Last updated : 30 May 2007 By Les Roberts
The agenda of the meeting, to be held at 2pm this afternoon (30th May), has still not been confirmed but it is believed that, should the cabinet approve of the findings from the talks with both Everton and Tesco, then a public consultation will be held in June.

This will give and interested members of the public, presumably Kirkby residents and Evertonians, a chance to comment on the proposed plans.

But it's thought that the consultation will focus solely on the regeneration of Kirkby town centre, the 2,000 or so jobs this will create and the expected £21.5 million annual boost it will give to the local economy.

And the subject of the stadium being built in the town centre will probably be muttered under the breath of the councillors concerned.

Maybe even disguised in a when you used to tell your teacher to "Fu...Cough" at school!

Of course, it's possible that the whole plan could effectively die at this meeting but, with figures like those mentioned above, it's difficult to see how any councillors could turn down the proposals.

And, let's not kid ourselves, if the club want to move and the council want us to move, then there's no way we're staying!