What If...?

Last updated : 23 January 2009 By Mike Whitby

What if - our team had a burning desire to become kings of European football?

What if - we believed, without question, that we are as good as anyone else?

What if - we decided that the 'big four' are no better than us?

What if - we added a massive dose of determination to our undoubted football skills?

What if - we refused to allow our opponents to keep possession of the ball for longer than 30

What if - every one of our players was as fit and healthy as he could possibly be?

What if - we consistently worked harder than any other team?

What if - we could attack relentlessly, regardless of the score?

What if - we realised that the 'vulnerable times' in a game, are only brought on through negative

What if - we understood that the period straight after we've scored, is not a vulnerable period, but
it's actually the best time to score another goal?

What if - we could play competitive football for three hours at a time?

What if - we were being chased by an evil monster; would we stop running after 90 minutes?

What if - we were Royal Marines; would we still get tired after 90 minutes?

What if - we realised that our fans believe that the 'Royal Blues', are the Royal Marines of 

What if - we accepted that 'tiredness after 90 minutes' is purely an attitude of mind?

What if - we realised that by maximising our fitness level, we could double or treble our skill level?

What if - we could trap our opponents in their half of the field for the whole game?

What if - every one of our players set himself a double figure goal tally for the season?

What if - we could approach every game expecting to win?

What if - we accepted that, large squad or small squad, only 11 players are allowed on the pitch?

What if - we realised that Home or Away, we are still the same great team?

What if - we discovered that constant movement 'off the ball', can quadruple our passing options?

What if - we achieved our target of 40 points by Christmas?

What if - we decided that only a win is good enough?

What if - we realised that frustration brings fatigue, but enjoyment brings relaxation?

What if - our level of ambition held no boundaries?

What if - we understood that a team with great spirit can achieve far more than a collection of
super stars?

What if - we concluded that if we're going to achieve greatness, we must begin today?

What if - we could improve ourselves and our team, in every possible way?

What if - we realised that the time is now, and we must seize the day?!

What if - our mind set accepted that, as we are Everton, nothing but the best is good enough?
(Nil Satis Nisi Optimum)

Whilst you are still young, you are able to say 'What if?'

Don't wait till you are old, and then say 'If only?'