Sunday Effin Sunday

Last updated : 06 January 2009 By Les Roberts

Let's face it, Sunday games are generally shite and devoid of any atmosphere, it's just an awful time to be watching a game of football.

It would have been worse a few years ago as it would've clashed with the Sunday afternoon double header of Supergran and Bullseye...but the Pay TV companies would never have gone head to head with that line-up!

And even though this is a derby I can't imagine the atmosphere being what it could be if the match was being played at 3pm on a Saturday afternoon…but that was never going to happen!

Even midday on a Saturday would be preferable in my opinion, but then I just hate Sunday football…can you tell?!

The game will be shown live on Setanta too so you'd better either sort out that subscription or find a pub that will do that for you.

Failing that, you may even be lucky enough to get a ticket for the game, and you can find out if you are one such lucky punter here…letter from God?!