Yobo: I almost quit Everton

Last updated : 19 May 2005 By Austin Rathe

"The group of players that are here have a good team spirit, so whoever plays you have got to support them." Yobo said

"It has been disappointing not to play more. When the season started I expected to give my very best and unfortunately for me, it happens in football, I got injured and someone came in and took my place.

"They did very well and made it difficult for me to get back into the team. I was on the bench for about three months and I got frustrated because I wanted to play. There were different things going on in my head at that moment but I have to support the team as well because I knew the direction we were going in.

"Now we have achieved that and I am back in the team, so I am happy. I didn't want to create any negative influence on the team when I wasn't playing and people were suggesting it was time for me to leave. It did cross my mind to be honest. I thought about it but because of the way I have been treated here I thought this was the best place for me. I am just happy to be here and I am looking forward to next season.

"That is what I have always wanted, to play in the Champions League is my dream."

And so say all of us.....