The Maybes?

I only know that because I bumped into him in the Thomas Frost as the daftness was unfurling on County Road after the Millwall game....but anyway...

For the best part of 2005, The Maybes? were probably more famous in Liverpool for their artwork than their fret work. It appeared that no matter where you looked, your gaze was invariably drawn to a fly poster or a splash of graffiti heralding the arrival of the city's latest musical prodigies.


January saw the Liverpool five-piece release their debut single ‘Stop, Look and Listen' as a limited split vinyl release with North-East band Dartz! (it looks like punctuation is also going to be big in 2006!) The single was a live recording from their sessions at Rockfield, the legendary recording studio in South Wales, where they took a few weeks away late last year to lay down some tracks. They're back there recording some more stuff so watch this space...

At the end of the sessions they embarked upon a nine date tour of Britain which climaxed with a breathtaking set at The Masque on Seel Street, a gig that front man Nick Ellis knew would be so good that he warned the audience to “bring a spare pair of frillies”!

The band has not yet released any details regarding up and coming gigs but for more information visit their myspace site at

And if anyone asks you what's going to be the next big thing to come out of Liverpool (it doesn't look like it's gonna be Everton any time soon!)…tell them it's definitely The Maybes?

definitely the maybes?