Saturday night's all right for fighting

Last updated : 27 January 2009 By Les Roberts

This is due to Everton being thoroughly negative at Anfield and allowing Liverpool all that possession without actually giving them many meaningful chances.

And can anyone really believe just how often Benitez makes a plum out of himself with his spite-filled little rants and one-word answers in post match press interviews?

You can? Yeah, me too!

Anyway, the upshot is that Everton's trip to Old Trafford for our annual gubbing has been moved from 8pm on Monday 2nd Feb to 5.30pm on Saturday 31st January.

Obviously Greater Manchester Police have not been informed that such inter-city clashes can not take place after midday due to fans turning into some sort of fighting Gremlins if they have a bevvy after 12 noon.

The fact that you can get a pint in Wetherspoon's at 8am and that fact that, on such matchdays pubs are likely to open really early, no really, seems to be lost on the scuffers.

And some plum on the Radio Merseyside phone-in last night was bemoaning the fact that Everton have had the kick off time changed for the Man United game because, and I quote (ish), "Lipwel ahd to play at 3pm on December 26th and then at midday up at Newcastle on December 28th".

I think his point was that if Liverpool had to do it then, why can't Everton do it now?

The simple is answer, that them on the wireless failed to point out to him, is that it was part of the Christmas fixture list and everyone had to play two games in two days!

What is it with these Kopites? Why do they feel the world is against them?

Hate week should really be over by now but they just keep winding me up, the bitter, moaning bell ends!

So yeah, the Man Utd game's on Saturday now....carry on!