Cenk Tosun Says He Would Rather Lose 5-0 After Andre Gomes Horror Injury

Everton striker Cenk Tosun has taken to Instagram to send a touching message to teammate 

André Gomes, who suffered from a horror ankle injury in the 1-1 draw with Tottenham on Sunday.

The Turkish striker ​emerged from the bench to salvage a point for his side deep into 12 minutes of stoppage time. However, it was the reason behind the prolonged period of added time that dominated the headlines and hung a dark cloud over the football itself. 


​horrendous injury to Gomes caused significant distress among those in the vicinity, with Heung-min Son - who was sent off for his challenge - reduced to tears as the medical team raced on to secure the midfielder to a stretcher. 

Reports indicate that ​Gomes suffered a 'fracture dislocation of his right ankle' and will undergo surgery on Monday, with no word yet on the expected recovery timeline. 

In the aftermath of the incident, there was a clear air of solidarity for the 26-year-old among the ​Everton ranks when Tosun headed in on 98 minutes. The striker, however, says he would trade the point for a resounding defeat in a heartbeat, if it meant he could reverse the injury caused to his friend and teammate.

"You win, you draw, you lose but all that doesn’t matter when something like this happens," he said in a touching Instagram post. "I wish I didn’t score, I wish we lost 0-5 and this didn’t happen.

"I know you will come back stronger bro and we will be there for you."

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Source : 90min