Everton launch new 2021/22 home kit

Everton have launched their new 2021/22 home shirt by Hummel, which is a vibrant design inspired by the ‘dazzle camouflage’ patterns that were painted on naval ships in Liverpool’s city docks during the First World War. Everton will also be moving to a new dockside stadium in 2024.

Dazzle camouflage features contrasting shapes, tones and colours, with such patterns applied to ships to help disguise their size, speed, distance and direction from enemies, making them harder to be accurately fired upon.

Everton have opted for a two-tone blue dazzle camouflage, which is complemented by white and yellow trim. The shirt also features the instantly recognisable Hummel chevrons on the sleeves.

On sale from 15 July but available to pre-order from the club’s official online shop already, it will be the first time that Everton fans can choose to buy either the men’s or women’s replica shirt.