Everton play down new stadium talk

Last updated : 21 December 2005 By Austin Rathe
Three years after Everton's bid to open a new ground at the King's Dock died a death, new rumours are speading of a £125m project.

However, the word from the club is that they are still waiting to see what decision Liverpool make. It is widely known that Liverpool simply cannot afford their planned 50,000 seater stadium on Stanley Park, with a current shortfall of something like £40m. Liverpool's refusal to discuss a groundshare has also caused public money to be withdrawn from the project.

A ground share with Liverpool remains Everton's preferred choice, but that looks a distant possibility.

This leads Everton to perhaps look at their own developments, and with a much improved balance sheet the club are in a much stronger financial position that they were three years ago.

An Everton source said: "There really is nothing new in these suggestions about our own plans, the situation is exactly the same as it was a year ago.

"We really will do nothing until Liverpool make up their minds about their new stadium."