The Dirtiest Teams in Premier League History ? Ranked

We all know that goals win you games and points in football, but what if titles were won based on which team loved kicking their opponents most?

In Premier League history, we've seen some teams with historically poor discipline, and while it's not always the prettiest to watch, it sure makes for some of the most entertaining viewing. You never know when a scything tackle is going to fly in.

Since its inception in 1992, 49 different teams have played in the Premier League, and took a look at each side's disciplinary record to see who are the biggest serial offenders and who are the fairest side in the division's history.

To work that out, each side has been given a points total to sum up their disciplinary history. They gave one point for a yellow card, three points for a second yellow and five points for a straight red card (and there have been plenty of those).

Sitting atop the standings are Everton, who have earned themselves a score of 1,950. The Toffees were part of the first Premier League season and have racked up a whopping 1,564 yellow cards, 141 second yellows and 245 straight red cards. How nice.

Interestingly, Everton's number of yellow cards isn't the highest in league history, and they're not even top for red cards, but it's their league-high 47 second yellows which earn them a spot at the top.

Burnley FC v Everton FC - Premier League

They finish narrowly ahead of second-placed Chelsea, who sit on a total of 1,937. No team in league history has picked up more than their 1,616 yellow cards (and it's not even close - Arsenal are second on 1,567).

In terms of the most red cards in league history, that honour goes to Newcastle United, who have picked up a grand total of 54 straight reds. However, that's only good enough for a seventh-placed finish.

Arsenal come in third on 1,936, which is enough to move them above rivals Tottenham Hotspur, who sit fourth with a total of 1,823.

West Ham would sneak into the Europa League in fifth place, while Manchester United are languishing behind in sixth on the all-time rankings.

West Ham United v Manchester United - Premier League

Premier League champions-elect Liverpool wouldn't be anywhere near the trophy in this world. Their total of 1,526 is only good enough for tenth place in the table, and we all know that's far more important that winning an actual title by playing actual football.

At the other end of the table, Swindon Town managed just 45 points in their solitary season in the league, with Blackpool Town and Oldham Athletic also stuck in the relegation zone as a result of their good sportsmanship. Boring.

Source : 90min